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A Father’s Day sequel.

I made some adjustments to the sailing schedule after checking my notes.
If any additional changes are needed, let me know.
It looks like Wednesday and Thursday will be good sailing days this week.  Maybe Saturday will change in a few days with a bit later rain in the day than currently forecast.
We’ll see.
Friday will work for the material to be covered.
So we’ll plan on seeing everyone as scheduled.
I haven’t mentioned the Newport – Bermuda Race yet.
The start is this Friday, so if your time allows, the start will be on  videos along with a lot of videos and features available now on past races.  A good video of the 2022 race gives a view of onboard life for those curious of the offshore programs.



A quick update.

For those rainy conditions.

The Annapolis-Bermuda race is off and running with a tracker if you are interested in following along.
And for those interested in a close up version of North Sea sailing, the following is the latest from Erik Aanderaa. If you want to avoid sea story stuff, find another video to watch.
If you locate his earlier video of the trip to the SHetlands, it was a much nicer ride – and has some footage of the Viking festival – his reason for going.

A quick test run yesterday proved valuable for finding some work needed on the mainsail.
And an equipment addition needed on the jib tack.
Both minor items.

The storm cells never materilized and provided a nice breeze for the test sail.
Numerous small projects are coming together thanks to the many volunteer hands.
While I would like to say there is a time to get together; with the weather forecast I have some home projects I’m trying to address to allow permission to go sailing when the weather agrees later.

Classes start next week.
If you are on the schedule (attached) and the time/day is not suitable, let me know so we can change to a better day.

I am a bit late in mentioning the Annapolis-Bermuda Race that starts tomorrow.
If you look for the race on the internet, it starts at 1100 and goes for several days – and there is a race tracker that you can follow.
Not sure how much update videos, if any, they will have.
Not something followed like the French do with their sailboat phobia.

The Atlantic Cup finished up yesterday in Portland in case any of you picked up on the chance to see the Class 40’s up close and personal.
They are quite the racing machine, although understand they require hearing protection to avoid lasting ringing. Think of being in a kettle drum for 700 miles, particularly if the speed gets up over 20 knots.

Some fiberglass/resin work is on the agenda if anyone is interested.
Let me know so we can coordinate schedules.

See you at the boat shed.


Ready to swing into the sailing season!
The first class will be on 11 June.
For anyone interested in assisting with instruction this summer, I plan to offer guidance on details this Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1000 each day.
For those that can’t attend any of these days and are interested in assisting, let me know so we can make plans for another date and time.
There will also be an effort this weekend to work on the remaining boats in preparation for launching them over the next two weeks.  The Rhodes and Javelin that went in recently – THANK YOU to all that showed up to help.  Everything went smoothly and they are being given final prep and tuning.
Attached is a schedule for the season.
Note the classes are listed for some that have expressed an interest in sailing instruction.  If you have an interest in sailing class time, let me know so we can schedule times.
The schedule will show notes for projects, as well as sailing instruction times, as the season progresses to keep everyone aware of class schedules.  This is done to offer boats to members not requiring classes, so they can use available boats if their time permits.  My only suggestion is checking with me to be sure you gain familiarity with the boats and safety precautions of the area before going out.
Any time there is no class time scheduled, boats would be available for use, unless a note is sent out otherwise.  Understand that my orientation for the boats includes criteria for when it is not suitable to sail – as much as I can predict circumstances.
I look forward to catching up this weekend.

WYC offering private adult sailing classes for 2024
Basics / Intermediate Level – for non-members $250 plus minimal fee for basic classes
/ members $175 per class will support the WYC sailing program (preference for participation
will be given to members as openings are limited)
Prerequisites: Introduction, rigging and ground class AND ability to swim (for those that
have not had the preliminary classes they will be incorporated into the private lessons at no
cost to members)
Select your schedule   –   weekdays: 1300 to 1700, or if needed, Saturday 1000 –
1500 (bring lunch) beginning the week of 10 June through September that will
provide 12 hours of instruction according to your scheduled appointment. Where
practical group classes will be held.
For adults wishing to learn the art and science of sailing, this is the course for you. The exact
contents are customized to suit the knowledge and comfort level of the participants but will
cover everything from why the sails work to the specifics of actually making them work.
Terminology, boat handling, safety, sail trim, basic weather, knots and rudimentary
navigation, even some history and possibly some sea stories will all be covered. You might
be ready to solo in light air at the end of these classes. As with any art, time is required to
establish this skill.
NOTE: For questions or to arrange your 12 hour private class contact T. Stoner at 205-2409






COVID-19 – WYC Sailing Guidelines

 Reflecting reasonable guidelines, the following Sailing program parameters are proposed for this season  (may be modified depending on circumstances):

Boat Shed Visitors

  • Inform potential sailors of CV policies and procedures in advance, if possible.
  • No one should come to the boat shed if they feel ill.
  • Anyone planning to use boats or assist at the boat shed are to hand wash or sanitize before leaving their vehicle upon arrival and after touching dock lines, sailing gear, dock cart handles, or hand railings, etc. before leaving.  They must bring their own sanitizer and gloves.
  • Maintain social distance of 6 feet or more in any club areas
  • Minimize helping customers will be the theme.  Anyone using boats shall be fully responsible for their activity.  No boat shed staff will assist, including on-water activities.  Sailing lessons will be an exception.
  • Anyone taking out a boat must have been qualified to the club sailing standards.
  • All sailing requests will be by appointment only.  (Contact details found on the club website)
  • Members may take out boats according to club qualifications only at their scheduled time.
  • Members or non-members may schedule private sailing lessons that will be given remotely with attention to safety.
  • Anyone that has had a virus since the first of 2020 or had a vaccination must make that clarification when registering to sail or help in the boat shed.
  • Signage will be in place adjacent to the boat shed to remind visitors of social distancing
  • Anyone scheduling sailing plans must obtain permission prior to visiting the boat shed (details on the website), or they may sign up at the boat shed if open.
  • A limit sign will be placed at the boat shed during operating hours to indicate no passage beyond that point.
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed must bring their own tools. Shared tools will be sanitized before and after use by each person.

{self-reporting of symptoms and notification of exposures will be monitored}

Boat shed services

  • No more than two persons will be permitted working in the boat shed at one time
  • Boat shed services must be scheduled by appointment through the website.
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed must bring their own tools. Shared tools will be sanitized before and after use by each person.
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed should wear face coverings when inside the boat shed
  • Any boat worked on by a second party will be disinfected by that person when work is complete.
  • A designated “touch-free” drop spot will be marked for any parts delivered.
  • Any boats or parts arriving via delivery truck or other services will be cleaned as described below.
  • Disinfection of boats
  • Clean all contact surfaces using an appropriate disinfectant.
  • Remind people to hand wash or sanitize before leaving their vehicle upon arrival and after touching dock lines, dock cart handles, fuel pumps, and hand railings before leaving. They must bring their own sanitizer.
  • Boats will be disinfected after sailed by non-club personnel.
  • Customers should return to their cars directly after boating without lingering or congregating.


Sailing Program

  • All payments will be made online or in advance by check
  • Members or non-members private lessons will be given by an instructor that will monitor the session from the dock when practical. All sailing gear will be handled by the student.
  • Any member taking out a boat must have been qualified to the club sailing standards
  • Anyone taking out a boat shall wear a mask until they have arrived at a boat for rigging and then wear their mask upon returning sailing gear
  • There will be at least three days between the use of boats with gear sanitized after each use
  • No launch service will be available

Contact Tom Stoner with any questions –  205-2409

Health self-check:

  1. Do you feel sick today?
  2. Do you have a cough or sore throat?
  3. Do you have a fever or feel feverish?
  4. Have you had shortness of breath?
  5. Have you had a loss of taste or smell?
  6. Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 3 months?
  7. Have you been living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  8. Have you been out of state in the last 3 months?
  9. Have you had a virus since early 2020? Date(s) ____________
  10. Have you had a vaccination in the last two weeks? Date(s) ___________

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, please stay home.
I have read and understand the above information and comply as much as practical. ___________________

Date  ____________