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Clubhouse Rules and Docking Policies

2022 House and Dock Rules

In consideration of dues paid, members are accorded all rights and privileges at the corresponding membership level.
Likewise, payment is nonrefundable and constitutes agreement to adhere to all the rules and policies of the Wiscasset Yacht Club; noncompliance may result in suspension or revocation of membership.
In general, please be courteous and welcoming to other members, guests of members, members of another yacht club extending reciprocal privileges and flying that club’s burgee, visitors, and potential new members. It is possible to communicate with others regarding rules and boundaries while still maintaining a cordial atmosphere. Actual enforcement of and exceptions to rules fall only to the steward on duty (for general rules) and the board of directors. Members may not make determinations regarding rules or exceptions.
1. USE OF YACHT CLUB FACILITIES- The Yacht Club facilities are maintained by and for the use of Wiscasset Yacht Club members and their guests.
2. CLUBHOUSE- The clubhouse is open and will be unlocked through the boating season on weekends during the steward’s hours. Outside of those hours the club is available to members and if used should be left as it was found. This includes locking all doors and windows, shutting off lights, heat, stoves, and cleaning the kitchen.
3. RENTALS AND USE BY MEMBERS- Club members have full use of the clubhouse and club facilities at any time that there is not a club function or an approved rental in progress. During rentals, members still have the use of the parking lot, bathrooms, and docks. Any member wishing to have “exclusive use” of the clubhouse must pay the private rental fee.
4. LOCKERS- Lockers may be rented by club members on an as-available basis. All lockers rented remain the exclusive property of The Wiscasset Yacht Club and may be inspected by board members at any time for any prohibited or illegal items. To facilitate access in an emergency, each member renting a locker must provide the Commodore with either a key or the combination to any lock placed on a locker. Flammable liquids may not be stored in lockers. This includes gasoline, propane or butane gas, stove alcohol, oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter, oil-based paint, or paint thinners. Illegal drugs or other illegal substances are not permitted in lockers.
 Food should not be left in the common refrigerator (found in the kitchen) for more than weekend use and should be labeled with the owner’s name. The refrigerator will be cleaned out each Friday afternoon to maintain sanitary conditions.
 Electronic appliances other than those maintained by the club for the use of club members shall not be permanently installed or operated inside the clubhouse or on the porches.
 Club members shall not make any alterations of, addition to, or repair of the plumbing or electrical systems, the deck, ramp, docks, or physical structure of the clubhouse without the knowledge and approval of the board of directors.
 Club members shall not act on behalf of or officially represent the club in any capacity, or contract work of any nature without the prior knowledge and approval of the board of directors.
 Liquor, including beer and wine left on the premises, will only be allowed if stored in your locked locker. This is to keep it out of the hands of minors.
6.DOCKING POLICY – These docks are private, for the use of Wiscasset Yacht Club members and guests.
Vessels operated by club members have first priority for dock space at all times. Guests of club members may tie up provided the member and guest are present and there is sufficient space. If all dock space is taken and a club member wishes to dock, non-member vessels must leave the dock and therefore non-member vessels may not be left unattended.
The docks have three sections:
The “RED ZONE” is the dock section closest to the ramp. The Red Zoneis primarily for loading and unloading. However, this section may beused for tie ups whenever the other sections do not have enough space.For 2022 cleats have been added to the Red Zone to facilitate docking.
The two dock segments farthest from the ramp are reserved for boats that have a length overall of twenty feet or less.
The rest of the docks may be used by boats of any size.
On weekends and holidays members may leave their boats unattended at the dock for a maximum of two hours, and boats may not stay on the dock unattended overnight. At other times members may leave their boats unattended for longer, for a reasonable period of time, if there is sufficient space left for others. Members leaving their boats unattended are asked to post the following information on the message board located on the deck of the clubhouse:

Name of vessel
Best estimate for when the boat will be removed
Notes on special circumstances (e.g. engine trouble)

Please also leave your phone number on the desk inside the clubhouse so that you may be contacted in case of emergency. Because the docks are for the use of all members, each member is personally responsible for their use of the dock and should use good judgement and make an effort to free up space during any periods of high traffic. Members are requested to remove their boats from the docks in the event of a small craft warning directly affecting Wiscasset Harbor.
Club-owned sailing program boats will use the last dock section. On weekends and holidays they should be kept on a club mooring or on a separate float when not being actively used by the sailing program. The space on the north side of the last dock section is reserved for the club inflatable that is used by the sailing program.
When tying up to the dock pull as far forward as possible. Use consideration for others and move your boat forward if there is space in front of your boat. In the unusual circumstance that no dock space is available, members are urged to work together to raft up if it is feasible and safe to do so.
Neatness counts. Every effort must be made to keep the docks clean and free of debris. Lines, hoses, tools and other equipment must be put away to avoid the potential for accident or injury.
Children under the age of 13 on the docks must be attended by an adult family member at all times.
If members have questions about use of the docks, require a special exception, or see issues that must be attended to they should contact one of the following Board members as soon as possible:
John Bryer – Vice Commodore (207) 841-4006
Alan Boyes – Rear Commodore (207) 633-5341
Paul White – Docks & Floats Chair (207) 319-3848
Tom Joyce – Commodore (207) 619-0364
Vessels operated by members of another yacht club extending reciprocal privileges and flying that club’s burgee may use the dock with prior notification to one of the Board members identified above. Transient boaters may only use club docks or moorings after making arrangements with one of these Board members. Non-members may not have their boats on a club dock or mooring overnight without prior approval.
7. MEMBER DINGHIES, TENDERS, AND SKIFFS- Boats up to 12 feet in length with a maximum of 10 horsepower may be tied
up behind the floats under the following conditions:
 Dinghy fee must be paid
 Dinghy must be labeled with member name/phone number (new stickers provided on request)
 Oarlocks must be removed or shipped
 Motors are down in the water, not tilted up
 Dinghy must be properly fendered to protect other boat’s
 Minimum of 3 feet of painter line allows for movement with the tide
 Dinghy docking privilege is for members and invited guests only
8. YACHT CLUB DINGHIES- These boats are provided for members only, for use only in Wiscasset harbor as a conveyance to and from moored boats. Club dinghies must be returned to the floats and properly tied up with lifejackets and oars returned to the clubhouse.
9. PARKING LOT- Parking passes are required to park in the club parking lot. Each member receives passes in their membership packets annually which must be displayed in clear view on your windshield.
To ensure sufficient parking spaces for our members, boat trailer storage with or without boats on them will be prohibited in the parking lot. An exception of up to one week will allow people out on their boats or who use their boats to work on club facilities or member moorings. Please post your name and contact information so we can contact you, if necessary.
10. MISCELLANEOUS- No swimming is allowed from the yacht club facilities except for the purpose of underwater boat repairs. No fishing is allowed from yacht club facilities. Children 12 and under must wear a coast guard approved PFDs when on the ramp or floats.
Members do not have the authority to give permission for variances in any club and/or dock rules with regard to members, guests of club members, or members of other yacht clubs visiting our facility. Any, and all complaints regarding violations of these rules, or to request an exception, must be made to one of the three Flag Officers.

Please do not bring issues to any of the committee Chairs.